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As you may know, Mayor Hogsett announced today that the Old Southside will receive the second Indy Grant from the City of Indianapolis.

One man was shot and killed and another is in serious condition after a shooting on the east side of Indianapolis on December 14, 2016. An investigation is underway after the shooting of a man in a block of South Main Street in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 13, 2017. One person was fatally shot in an incident at the intersection of East Broad Street and East Main Avenue in downtown Indianapolis. One person was shot and a second person was shot dead at an apartment building on South Broadway in downtown Indianapolis around 10: 30 p.m. on Saturday, December 14, 2015.

Police say at least three people were shot in an apartment building on South Main Street in downtown Indianapolis. The service will take place on Saturday, 14 December 2015 at 2 pm at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Greenwood. The Greenwood Southside Challenger is a weekly newspaper from Greenwood, Indiana covering local news, weather, sports, entertainment, business and more. Southsider Voice, owned by Kelly Sawyers, has covered the intersection of East Broad Street and East Main Avenue since its debut in downtown Indianapolis in 2010, and reports weekly on the City of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Indiana State Police. 2125 E., Indianapolis, can be purchased by calling (317) 662-4357 or emailing indianapoli @

At Johnson & Co. the list includes all Indianapolis classifieds, logically categorized and with full descriptions and pictures. You can find all 1 entries for Southside News and Indianapolis YP by visiting their website or by calling (317) 662-4357.

RTV6 brings you breaking news, weather, traffic and sports coverage from across the state, as well as local and national coverage. FOX59 in Central Indiana's FOX Get the latest news and weather from Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and the rest of Central Indiana on FOX. To see Indiana's historic newspapers digitized, visit the Hoosier State Chronicles blog for more information.

Greenwood residents and guests should prepare for local television and radio broadcasts and seek immediate shelter when severe weather sirens are activated. Local weather transmissions are the only source of information about severe weather as it moves through the area.

If we have spotted a confirmed TORNADO (funnel or CLOUD) or approach the town of Greenwood and a tornado passes through the area, the severe weather sirens are activated. These warnings have proved effective in warning residents that tornadoes can form at any time. If storms or tornadoes hit our area, a warning is immediately given. Residents should seek shelter and prepare for local weather transmissions and contact local law enforcement if necessary.

If you are traveling or walking during a tornado, stop your car, go to the lowest available land, stay out of moving water and stay away from moving waters. Seek shelter in an area where water is not moving, as severe storms can cause flooding, mudslides, landslides and other dangerous conditions for people and animals, especially children.

You can find sections of the category on the National Weather Service website under the category section of the Weather Channel. Find all available clippings by selecting "A" and then "C" at the top right of your screen and find the clippings of the category.

Even with I-70, the Southside and the old paths are slipping away, "says the Indianapolis Morning Journal, whose title of the daily edition of the Indianapolis Evening Journal was changed from 1853 to Indianapolis Morning Journal in 1948.

For those who love history and charm, east of downtown Indianapolis is Chatham Arch, where you will find winding streets, historic buildings and a beautiful view of the Indianapolis River. Brownsburg has its own vibrant city and activities, just like Indianapolis, but it is the second area selected for a community development program, meaning it will be printed on the cover of this year's issue of Indianapolis Magazine.

In Greenwood summers are long, warm, wet and humid, winters short, very cold and windy and the year is partly cloudy - round. The sky is cloudy and mostly or completely cloudy, with a slight risk of thunderstorms in late summer and early autumn. Summer in Greenwood: Summer is long and warm and humid, humid with occasional thunderstorms, but mostly cloudy and rainy.

If you want to visit Greenwood in a very warm time, the hottest months are July, August and then June. If dry weather is all it takes, it is August, January, then October, with a slight risk of thunderstorms in late summer and early autumn. Based on this value, one of the hottest times to visit Greenwood is in late June or late August.

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