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Visiting Fairbanks is perhaps one of the best free activities outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, and it is just a short drive from Greenwood.

This Indiana water park offers residents and visitors a place to engage in a variety of activities and have a wonderful time. Indy Parks also offers free movie nights, and together they make up one of the best lists of free activities with kids in Indianapolis. With so many expansive parks, Greenwood's Children's Park is a place to relax, where children can play and engage in other activities. Various parks around Greenwood offer the perfect recreation for children, but also for parents with small children.

If you're not interested in scrolling through the list of events in Indianapolis, you'll find an excuse to retire. There is always plenty to do, and if Christmas and Halloween are coming up, consider this attraction. If you're in town to visit the Rhythm Discovery Center, which specializes in percussion instruments, you shouldn't miss some of the fun top-of-the-things - to - do. That may not fit into the category of "local Indianapolis doing things today," but there's plenty to see and do. You are allowed half a day or more at the Indianapolis Zoo, so consider it an attraction for all of you.

If you're looking for kid-friendly family fun in Indianapolis, visit Rupert's Kids Arcade and Party Room. If the weather is heading south and you need to do a few things in Indy, consider Glow Golf. On a rainy day when there are usually no indoor things for you and your kids in Indiana, stay indoors for a few hours.

Bowling is fun at any time of year on a regular bowling alley, but retro bowling in Indianapolis is even more fun. Pull yourself to the bumper car lane and punch in front of your friends, family and friends of friends at Bowling Alley in Greenwood.

There are many places to go sledding in Indianapolis and you don't have to be a kid to have fun driving down your favorite hill. Children are just as much a part of the fun at Greenwood Park Mall as adults while enjoying themselves on our favorite hills. With five floors of fun, the Indianapolis Children's Museum is a wonderful place for the whole family, whether it's just too cold to stay outside or you need a break from the weather, this is the place to do it. The GreenwoodPark Mall is equipped with everything you could wish for, from a well-known restaurant chain to a new building - its own pizza shop - to the newest building in the city.

Whether you're watching a musical at an Indianapolis theater, smashing your eardrums with the latest music from Indianapolis, or capturing some of the best local do's and don's, there's something for everyone. If you really want to see a new side of Indy, check out our list of top things to do in Indianapolis that are quirky, fun and totally unconventional. First of all, it may be a good idea to find out if there are local activities that will arouse your interest. What fun things are you doing around Indianapolis today or in the coming weeks?

Our friend Katy runs Indy for Kids and helps sort out the best things to do with kids in Indianapolis. We would love to hear about your experiences and what you are doing in the Indianapolis area to find kids like you.

I know many people who live in Greenwood, although I have never visited their work, but I have dared Greenwood to go to their shop a few times. Potter's on Madison Avenue near Greenwood Mall is located at 135 Smith Valley and Pottery Upaint at 130 Madison Avenue, just south of the Mall.

On the north side of Indy, Fuel Tank in Fishers, there is ice skating all day and you can go to the Federal Hill Commons Ice Plaza. If you're looking for a great conventional place to stay in Indianapolis, you should visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana State Museum or just the monuments around the county. He is also free on MLK Day, but not on other days of the year, such as Christmas and New Year.

Head to Southeastway Park on South Carroll Road, where there is a water park and slalom all day on the south side of the park, just a few blocks away. Head to Fort Wayne and visit the Indiana State Museum or the Indianapolis Museum of Art, both in Indianapolis, then drive to Greenwood.

Don't worry, there are many things to do in Greenwood that you won't run out of if you stay longer. That means Johnson County is home to the Indiana State Museum and the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the latter of which we recommend because it is impossible to crowd out all its attractions in a few hours. You'll never be at a loss what to do outside Indianapolis, and Greenwood has much more to offer than just the museums.

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