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The Greenwood Bluejays used a 14-0 run to tie the game with 3: 41 left and then took a final lead when they routed the Kickapoo Chiefs 74-72 on Saturday night. The Chiefs pulled within one with 1: 03 left, but the Blue Jays called a timeout and the Chiefs had to foul as Greenwood (3-1) equalized. KickAPoo (1 - 3) by one point. The Blue Jackets improved to 3-0, falling behind three times in the second half by 10 points, the last time early in the fourth quarter when a Isaac Haneya 3-pointer brought the Chiefs to 65-55.

Haney, who is under contract at Missouri State, led the Chiefs with 31 points, Brookshire contributed 20 and Cameron Liggins, who has an offer from Western Illinois, scored 11 points. The star of Saturday night's show was Mohammed, the five-star prospect who has offers from across the nation, including four from Power 5 conferences. Victory Naboya, who was hampered by a knee injury in the second half of last week's win over Fort Wayne, scored the goal to make it 65-41. Kickapoo turned the ball over and Mohammed followed with a putback of his own, but Tommy Pinegar missed two free throws and a 3-pointer to deny the Bluejays the last attempt by Kickapoo.

Hopefully I'm still the guy who plays, but it's important to get another win, especially so early in the season. We've won a tournament against a team like Kickapoo, so it's important we do that again. There could be a rematch, including Muhammad, in next week's game against Fort Wayne at 7 p.m. at Greenwood High.

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Dr. Anthony Gregory Origer is the president of the clinic and his number is 317 - 884 - 0995. Patients can call the phone number below and go directly to the clinics or make an appointment by phone. The club is located on the corner of East Main Street and South Main Avenue in Greenwood, Indiana. It is located in the heart of downtown Greenwood, just blocks from the Greenville County Courthouse and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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