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The south side of Indianapolis is far from a food desert, but if you are in the south of the United States, you will find decent barbecue spots all over the city. In this area you will also find many grilled dishes and a good selection of macha - flavored desserts.

Parents can bring their children to the store to enjoy the good food, great atmosphere and wide selection of desserts. Desserts consist of pretty much every kind of cake known to man, but also a few different cheeses and many different flavors.

The regular menu is not exclusively focused on Japanese fare, but you would be wise to skip the sweet and sour chicken and instead focus on the extensive selection of Vietnamese dishes. There are also a variety of vegetarian and meat optional dishes, including pan-fried udon, kimchi, pork belly and even chicken. Try the Thai tomyam soups, as well as the spicy curry soup.

If you don't fancy pancakes, you can also order fried country chicken and other dishes. Schallos prides itself on offering affordable, American food prepared from scratch by its chefs. If you're craving hearty American cuisine, try the hearty pork belly, chicken, pork ribs and even pork chops. This pub, which rescues an authentic British pub from the inside, offers a wide selection of bottled beers and a variety of craft beer options.

If you fancy Italian or Mexican, you can indulge in these dishes, knowing that you are making healthy choices for your body. You will enjoy a selection of starters and desserts that will enrich your culinary experience.

The Rosita family's pancake house and restaurant is known for waffles, meatloaf and melting that soothe the tongue. Children, adults and families will enjoy all the food you can find in the in-house pancake.

The American-style menu at the restaurant includes everything from Korean beef quesadillas to smoked ribs, pork belly and pork ribs. The top items on the menu are chicken, beef, chicken wings, burgers, tacos, salads and more. Thai Spice offers over 100 different dishes, including padd Thai and shrimp with fresh ginger, for those who like a kick. However, the best-selling dishes include Thai Chicken, Thai Beef, Chicken and Chicken with Thai Curry and a host of other dishes.

In this unique restaurant you will also find a local restaurant that will bring back memories that the whole family will enjoy. Whether you are in town or have a family tradition, A meal at Giordano's creates an experience that even the children can enjoy. Children will love the artwork in the restaurant to entertain them at their meals with friends and family.

All year round, you can enjoy all the activities there, including the farmers "market, craft fairs and other local events. In summer, you can also visit some of the places the whole family will enjoy, such as the Greenwood Farmers Market and the Wood County Fair.

The restaurant also offers catering and delivery so you can enjoy your meal easily outside the building as well as on the parking lot.

If you fancy a pizza with a thin crust or a hearty sandwich, you will certainly find something here. Guests can enjoy a sliced pizza or cheese pizza at Giordano's in Greenwood. Surprisingly, there is no deep plate cake, but the crust, which is prepared daily in the house, is light, flaky and crispy at the edges. That's what you'd expect from a Chicago-style pizza, with just the right amount of flavor and texture.

Given the somewhat serious competition in Indianapolis, the southern inland, I think Ichiban would still be ahead in the best sushi category.

Revery's Sunday brunch star is a little piece of pork heaven, so wear stretch pants and take time for the fried chicken with bacon. Sign up for our daily Indianapolis email and be the first to get all the food, drinks and fun in town.

The lineup includes two 8 ounce burgers with smoked bacon ( I am I'm not going to explain the PB & J burger). At the bar you can also order a flight with BTB offers, with a choice of two beers and a glass of wine for $10.

In the kitchen you can also order a glass of wine for $10, with a choice of two beers or two wines, or a flight with BTB offers at the same price.

Richard's Brick Oven Pizza closes Sunday and Monday and opens on Tuesday, July 4 at 6pm with a full menu and drinks menu.

Closed on Monday and opened on Tuesday, July 4 at 6 p.m. with a full menu and drinks menu with an open bar.

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